Good places to visit in Dublin

Pubs and concert venues:

Conradh na Gaeilge – Irish language centre, bookshop and a bar with live trad music

Cobblestone – best live trad music in Dublin

Whelan’s – legendary concert venue and perfect club for those who are tired of tacky dance music

The Black Sheep – craft beers, free WiFi and delicious, simple food. And board games every Sunday afternoon.

The Hairy Lemon – pub and restaurant in the St. Stephen’s Green area. Whatever you do, do not let your server recommend wine for you, it’ll be so good that you’ll down the whole bottle. A server preceding the name of any dish with “vegetarian” included.


Irish Museum of Modern Art – mostly free admission, picturesque location

Museum of Decorative arts and History – enormous and fascinating

Dublinia – medieval museum, the most awesome history lesson ever

Hugh Lane Gallery – not only interesting bits and pieces of 20th and 21st century Irish art, but also an amazing reconstruction of Francis Bacon’s studio. Fascinating stuff for any OCD otter 🙂


Screen Cinema– great repertoire (both mainstream and independent), open daily, tickets at reasonable price

Irish Film Insitute – independent movies from all over the world, nice cafeteria and great DVD store

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